Paycon Scan - a quick purchase shopping cart

It will help increase the revenue of your stores.

Benefits for customers

Transferring a shopping list of $300 is done in 7 seconds; the cashier needs only to accept payment.

How does it work

1. The item is scanned

2. It is put into a bag

3. It is paid for at a cash register or at a self-checkout terminal

The convenience
of use

The Paycon Scan shopping cart helps create a list of purchases in advance. Thus, at the self-checkout, a ready list of items is already prepared..

Paycon Scan

The shopper can log in using their loyalty card and receive individualized offers straight away.

In the Paycon Shopping Cart there is a tracker which helps create a heat map of shoppers’ movement around the store.

Paycon Scan

The Example with the company

The company Vkusville was offered to try this new method of making purchases, in order to improve the store’s turnover capabilities, as well as lower the costs related to personnel. To verify the solution, four quick purchase Paycon Scan shopping carts were set up in one store, in the suburbs of Moscow.

In two months the following results were achieved:

The frequency of purchases by frequent buyers increased by 21%

The ruble amount of the average receipt increased by 24%

20% of the store’s revenue started going through the Paycon Scan Shopping Cart

The number of receipts increased by 10% during peak hours