Smart Cart

We help retail reduce queues and increase revenue for grocery stores.

System is working
with current infrastructure.

Unlike our competitors, you don’t have to mount a large number of cameras on the ceiling or change the location of shelves in the store, the system works with the current infrastructure and is deployed in 1 night, so your stores will work normally.

How does it work

1. Scan goods

2. You put in a package

3. You pay at the checkout or self-checkout

Smart Cart

You can adjust
the narrow place of payment

The number of robot baskets in the store is not limited, so you can independently adjust the throughput of the store, which in turn affects the store’s revenue.

Smart Cart

Your customers will be more often return

he technology is aimed at supplementing the classical system of sales in the store, and helping the customer pay for purchases faster without waiting in line, so customers will stop complaining about the line and will often return to your stores.